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Client Reviews

Larry Forman law firm is fantastic! Always ready to take a call and quick to respond, they helped me settle two cases and made it a super easy process. Would recommend them to anyone and everyone!


Mr. Forman is an outstanding attorney. He got a case disposed of that 2 other attorneys could not. He is incredibly responsive and seems to really have his client's best interest at heart. After hiring him this first time, I would absolutely hire him again.


Larry Foreman and his team were very helpful solving legal issues for my family. He and his staff were very responsive and professional. Highly recommend.


Larry and his law office was very helpful and informative about my situation. Larry was very knowledgeable and worked to have my charges reduced which in turn saved my job. I highly recommend his services.


If you are looking for representation from a firm that doesn't just want to take your money that actually works for you, then you have come to the right place! They do their homework, so you can be sure and get the best outcome possible. Extremely satisfied customer. I definitely, recommend this firm.


This team of experts really knew how to work the system in my favor. They prevented me from being a convicted felon. They is fairness in the Foreman Law office pricing and they work with their clients on a case by case manner. You can tell they care.


I couldn't have ask for for a better experience with Larry. He worked quickly to resolve my case and did it at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend Larry to anyone needing a lawyer.”


Larry did a great job helping me. It was great of his team to help prove that I had been treated unfairly and unjustly. Thanks for all you did!”