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What To Do If You Get A DUI

There are a set of procedures that you ought to follow in the vent that you find yourself charged with a DUI. Obviously, no one wants to be in these circumstances, but people come to the doors of Forman & Associates every day looking for answers about how they can address DUI charges that have been leveled against them. They are often scared and uncertain about what the future holds for them as a result of the fact that they have had this encounter with the law.

First, remember that you do have rights in these situations. You may or may not have broken the law, but you still deserve fair representation to keep you from being in a place where you are on your own to battle these charges. There are circumstances when you might be able to beat the charges altogether.

In Louisville, there are aggravating factors that can make a DUI charge more or less serious. If you were driving recklessly by going more than 30 miles per hour over the speed limit, had a young child in the car with you, drove on the wrong side of the road, or a number of other considerations, then you may be charged with more serious crimes on top of your DUI charge. Each of these will have to be fought individually, and that is why you need the talented team at Forman & Associates to step in to help you as much as possible.

It is a terrible stain on your record to have a DUI charge. Some people laugh it off and pretend that it is all part of growing up, but that is not true. Most people do not face these charges in their life at all, and those that do end up with a major mark against them going forward in life. You do not want that to happen to you, and that is why you need a solid representative from Forman & Associates to help you out.